Happy Weird New Year!

toocoldWeird unrelenting Arctic weather, weird and disquieting disconnect between the ever-rising Dow and the still-stagnant economy, and personally, weird since I’m not working in my home office as usual, but working on-site on some client projects.

I hate being away from the animals, but I enjoy the toasty warmth of the company cubicle, versus the drafty cold of my office.

I’m still open for new projects… so if you need writing help, be sure to call.



  1. Brrr, indeed! Know what I bought for my cold office a few years ago? Fingerless gloves. No more cold hands! :)

    Enjoy (?) the cubicle. You’re right – warmth trumps home.

  2. I think I got mine at Target or Kmart. They had a buttoned flap that I simply cut off. I needed my fingers to be free, not fettered. 😉

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