Clearing out

When I had my Omaha digs feng shui’d years ago, the feng shui expert was a real bug about clutter — as in, get rid of it. It blocks energy. And that might account for a slowdown in money coming in, your getting out, a raise, a new job, better social life, or anything. Blocked energy is wasted energy.



Even if you don’t accept feng shui as a valid practice, you have to admit that when you look around your office, home or car and see clutter, empty fast food containers, books, papers, clothes and other stuff you don’t need, it takes your attention.

Subconsciously, you think, “I’ve gotta take that stuff to Goodwill or throw it away or SOMETHING!” Then you feel bad or guilty because you haven’t gotten around to it. More wasted energy — guilt.

Clutter and guilt get in your way.

Make a resolution to clear one room of clutter each day this week. Your mind will enjoy the rest. And you won’t end up like one of those sad souls on “Hoarders” who are literally buried alive in their clutter.

Go on, do it!

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